Putting love back into Medicine

Herbalism & Permaculture

Simple Health Pathways

My mission is to simplify the overcomplicated conversation of what it takes to be healthy, empowered, and living with greater vitality and longevity. The road to maintaining and restoring a balanced and healthy way of life can be simple. 

Taking responsibility for your health doesn’t have to be a headache either. What can be most frustrating is not receiving results with modern, allopathic health practices and other conventional paths of living with a healthy, balanced system. Thankfully, thought-leaders are facilitating a return to seeing how interconnectedness and interdependence of land, plants, animals, and the human body play key roles in determining the simplest pathways to health.

My aim is to bridge an understanding of the intrinsic beauty and value of permaculture systems, herbal medicine, food medicine, and knowledge of full-life-cycle philosophy to everyday practices of self-care. The responsibility you take to your health can be effective and greatly inspiring! Generally, there are some key points regarding health paradigms to clarify first…

$ 100
Herbal & Wellness Consultation

Learn about food as medicine and how herbs can support your energy, prevent illness, detox, & heal your body.

$ 85
Garden / Permaculture Consultation

Permaculture is a holistic way of living connected to the land while having zero impact on your eco-footprint.

$ 150
Medicine-Making Workshops

Making medicine is more accessible than you might think. See what herbs you can use right in your backyard.

Do you Need Support with...

  • Understanding addiction and healing from it?
  • Treating headaches and anxiety?
  • Clarifying the process of body detoxification?​
  • Applying permaculture principles?
  • Implementing garden practices?
  • Creating herbal medicine?
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