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Detroit, Michigan, USA
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Penelope Thompson is...
a master herbalist who teaches, consults, and facilitates holistic healing with herbal remedies and food as medicine for people wanting to awaken to simplified approaches to wellness and become empowered by reconnecting to the earth’s natural medicinal power. My goal is to help guide you through the world of natural health, to help you navigate the realm of herbs and alternative healing modalities, and offer you a way to find your own path to health.

Ask Me About...

  • Prospective permaculture and garden implementations
  • Design & use of appropriate technologies in permaculture
  • Best practices of permaculture for small communities
  • Holistic approaches to health & wellness with herbal remedies
  • Breaking addictions & use of ineffective pharmaceuticals
  • Making custom herbal remedy formulas from your home
  • Love & compassion in personal health solutions
  • Waking up to who you really are through wellness practices
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