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Food as Medicine

Everything we put into our bodies becomes a part of us. There is nothing in this world more intimately connected to us than our food. Food truly is medicine because it is the one thing that touches every cell in our bodies. By combining knowledge of food as medicine with a pathophysiological paradigm of connecting remedial herbs with systems of the body, there are few conditions left untreatable. 

If you feel overwhelmed by complicated forms of treatment in the the field of health and want to break any dependencies on healing methods outside of your own understanding, take a journey with me to understand key concepts and self-empowering practices of wellness. There is no better time than now to learn appropriate daily, weekly, and monthly practices of strengthening the integrity of your body and health.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

— Hippocrates

I believe healing includes isolating the present pain points that you are feeling to get to the core of why something is happening in your system. What is present in the body right now is feedback of what needs immediate attention. By following the thread of your current physical and emotional state, we can build a simple action plan to relieve pain, address a problematic condition, and/or reach your health goals to restore your body’s balance and your mind’s confidence in healing.

Anti-Aging - Fuck Yeah!

The body has the capacity to “turn back” the ability of cells in the body to regenerate and “speed back up” so aging is not a concern. Growing, preparing, and eating foods that have live, rich nutrients can facilitate an anti-aging process that helps you to regenerate youth and well-being. 

Many other factors contribute to anti-aging as well. Your specific needs, conditions, body constitution, and lifestyle are all part of cultivating a strong mindset to facilitate greater feelings of youth and vitality. Treating food as medicine is one major step to choosing greater health. So is a holistic or comprehensive view to treat the whole of a person, to treat the whole of you.

A holistic view of health means that mental, emotional, social, and ecological factors are considered in the path to greater wholeness, not just the physical symptoms of disease. I choose to build custom treatment plans and regimens tailored to your body’s present conditions, constitution and core essence. 

My Background

Embracing an anti-pharmaceutical position as a nurse in a county hospital environment was difficult. Having studied psychology and addiction, explored indigenous medical paradigms, and carried a passion for soil ecology, my diverse educational background was at odds with unhealthy thinking systems in the allopathic community at large. After seeing the sick get sicker, I left my career as a nurse and pursued my interests in natural medicine with a great love for collecting stories of people who embraced indigenous medicine.

I was really curious about why the developed world had sicknesses that indigenous people did not. A natural interest in herbal medicine arose from this, and my growing knowledge base directed me to implementing practices that incorporate the wisdom from indigenous medicine traditions. 

I got back into the roots of how people thrived in the past outside of monocultural farming, inside communities, and deeply connected to natural practices on the land. So then I asked myself, “why do we have foods with no nutrition, and how can we get back to the integral health of organic foods and herbs?” I started to see the simplicity and ease of getting medicine and how profit interferes with it.

“You can spend your whole life traveling around the world searching for the Garden of Eden, or you can create it in your backyard.”

― Khang Kijarro Nguyen

Now, I’m focusing on ways to more simply communicate, connect, and effect the fields of health, wellness, and permaculture. I believe in the power of health connected to the earth and its natural medicine. I love connecting to the earth, people, plants, and animals. I’m on a quest to thread love, simplicity, and healing together. Returning to wise paradigms of health means seeing the wholeness and sacredness of our interconnectedness with nature and relating to each other lovingly in community so that health becomes simple once again.

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