The Power of Experience

Consulting with a Master Herbalist can save you an immense amount of time researching, experimenting, and buying the proper herbs in the best combination to suit your specific needs.

Understanding and curating the most optimal herbal recipes can be overwhelming, especially when the most favorable recipes require knowing what herbs create synergy together. 

I’m happy to share my specific and unique herbal recipes that have been designed over countless hours. Let me guide you in finding the greatest results for your health from the slew of hours I’ve spent exploring and experimenting with what works most effectively.

“All the world’s problems can be solved in a garden.”

― Geoff Lawton

Having a home garden is one of the most satisfying and replenishing ways to connect to the earth and your health. If you are deciding on what appropriate technologies suit your garden or permaculture implementation, look no further. The proper choices for your specific garden needs may not be evident, right away, but I’m here to help you gain any necessary clarity. 

I’m honored to share my true, time-tested methods that will leave you feeling satisfied and confident in growing a garden and harvesting fresh home-sourced, nourishing herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Save time and energy searching and experimenting with effective methods of growing food as medicine with a variety of consultation services. See below.

$ 100

Herbal & Wellness

Get professional guidance and knowledge about what foods and herbs can support your health preventatively and remedially. Learn how to combine the most effective plants for your specific wellness needs and goals.

$ 85

Garden/Permaculture Consultation

Gain access to living an embodying wisdom from first-hand experience of creating and maintaining the best permaculture practices, including choosing the most symbiotic crops, herbal plants, and even animals if needed, etc.

$ 150.00

Medicine-Making Workshops

Understand how to make medicine using all natural and organic ingredients, including mixing your own teas, making tinctures, and creating salves, a unique knowledge-base not found in books or found elsewhere easily. Bring any and all of your herbal curiosities! You may encounter a newfound love for the simplicity of home-made remedies.

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